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Corey Saulnier - During work hours, Corey can be found at the institution of Chez Bernard Beauty Academy swapping back and forth between his dual roles as hairstylist and instructor. He specializes in extensions and hair designs for formal events such as weddings and proms. Being at the top in his program, Corey graduated from the academy in 2016. After many years of working in the field as a well-known hairstylist, he chose to further his education and become a licensed instructor. The decision to become an instructor was easy. He would be able to teach others for what he has so much passion for – hair. With his knowledge in fashion, hair, and his perfectionism, he believed becoming a licensed hairdresser would take his education to an even higher level and help him influence new trends for years to come. So, in 2021, he would not only hold a license as a hairstylist, but also that of an instructor.

Corey’s inspiration to become a hairdresser stemmed at a young age. As a kid, he would spend hours begging his family members, such as his mother, his sister, and several aunts and cousins, to allow him to experiment with different techniques. Later, the Academy’s owner was influential in his professional development. He wanted to continue offering amazing education just like Sonia Leblanc. Corey continues to take classes and workshops to further his education as he believes the world of hairdressing and instruction is always evolving. Behind the scenes, Corey has taken part in many events such as fashion shows, pageants, Night to Shine, and many other formal functions. Working in the public eye brings him so much joy. His artwork is expressed through his hairstyles. He loves showing them off and having them featured in Italy Vogue and other well-known magazines; it is a dream come true.

Corey believes any goal or dream is achievable with the support of friends and family and believing in yourself. For the last ten years, Corey lives by the famous words of Paul Brandt: “never let people tell you the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!”

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