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Technical Cutting Hairstylist Course Outline

The goals and objectives of Chez Bernard Beauty Academy are to teach students all the theoretical and practical aspects of the beauty culture field. The course curriculum is maintained and regulated by the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick (CANB) is 1000 hours or 25 weeks and after successful completion of the course, graduates will be licensed as Technical Haircutting Hairstylists under the rules and regulations of the CANB.


The following is a list of the theoretical and practical skills taught at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy:


   -  Professional Ethics
  -  Bacteriology and Sterilization
  -  Decontamination and Infection Control
  -  Properties of the hair and Scalp
  -  Draping, shampoos and Rinses
  -  Hair Cutting for  men and women – Advanced Techniques
  -  Artistry in Hairstyling
  -  Wet Hairstyling
  -  Thermal Hairstyling
  -  Scalp Treatments
  -  Braiding – Reverse and Regular
  -  Client Consultation
  -  Chemistry
  -  Salon Management
  -  Clipper Cuts
  -  Act and By-law of the cosmetology Association of New Brunswick
  -  Job Training


It is not uncommon for the Academy to provide technicians from the industry to give first hand instruction of their particular products, and/or use several audio visual videos and instruction to show students the latest and most update style and fashion currently available.


Practical Class Equipment:


   - Sanitizers
  - Storage for clean towels at the shampoo basin
  - A covered container for soiled towels
  - Towels
  - Shampoos, tonics, creams, conditioners, setting lotions
  - Acceptable Industry Chairs
  - Edger (Outliners)

Tuition Fees for 2023-2024
Tuition for students at Chez Bernard Beauty Academy’s cosmetology program is $11 000.00
(Canadian funds) for the full year (25 weeks/1000 hrs.) less the $300 confirmation fee if it
is paid before the beginning of the school year. There is a student fee of $950.00 which
includes the student’s license and exam fees with the Cosmetology Association of New
Brunswick, Protection fee with the Province of New Brunswick, photo for student ID and registration with Chez Bernard Beauty Academy and also includes a $10.00 fee for the Health Plan with Medavie Blue Cross. The students are required to purchase a “Student Kit” which includes all necessary text, literature and materials to complete the prescribed curriculum. The Student Kit is valued at $2 6
50.00. This brings
the total student investment to $14 600.00. Black shoes are required and are an additional
personal cost to the students not included in the tuition.
The Following is a schedule of fees for the 25 week program:

First payment includes:

$ 5 500.00
$   950.00
$ 2 650.00      (Student books and kit)
$ 9 100.00      (First Half of The Tuition)

Second payment includes:
$ 5 500.00     (Second Half of The Tuition)
**Please note that prices are subject to change without notice
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